What Are Free Spins

Let’s talk a little bit about free spins. As the name implies, free spins are opportunities for you to play a casino slot type game online for free. Free spins give you the player an opportunity to try different games for free in order to get a feel for the play and, more importantly, win money. Unlike play that takes place in an actual casino, you do not have to sit in front of a machine and pull a handle down, after placing a lot of coins into a tiny slot. You simply use your allocated free spins and play until you win!

With free spins you simply select the game that you want to play and play – it’s that simple! Now you may be asking yourself why would an online casino allow a player with no money on deposit or account, play one of their games for free and win money? The answer lies in the way many free spins games are set up by the online casino.

Some of these games are structured to give you a limited number of free spins. This limit may be ten or twenty free spins, to give you an opportunity to try the different games that they offer. You are given an opportunity to try as many different games as you like and determine which of the games being offered appeals to you the most. This technique is a popular one and benefits both you and the online casino. Providing free spins gives you a way to familiarize yourself with the website’s offerings while for the online casino it is a way to showcase their games and attract a player.

If you should win during a free spins play, many of the online casinos will require a deposit at that time in order for a payout to take place. Again, this protects the interest of the online casino and the integrity of their games, as well as instilling a sense of fairness. If you play and should win, it is only right that you be at the same risk level as other players with deposit accounts already established.

Another take on the free spins no deposit are the free spins offered in-game after you establish an account. The benefits of accumulating free spins while you play are that, with most online casinos, you can use them at any time. In some instances, these in-game free spins are available to you one year after you have earned them. In-game free spins provide another way to experience all of the games offered by your online casino of choice.